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We have an aim to save those other species who share this wonderful planet with us  but are being threatened by Man himself! 

We have tough and tall  mountains to climb as seen on the logo. We have to go past the sharp edges and past the dangers to reach the top where we can proudly say that today we have saved those animals which were in the past endangered. Imagine what a wonderful feeling it would give to all of us who worked hard to reach the top of those tall mountains.  

We are two kids aged 10 years and live in Denmark but basically come from India.
We would like to inspire the world to help the endangered species. We were inspired by an eight year old boy from India who was doing small jobs to save the tigers.We would also like to show the importance of natures balance and make others aware of the projects around the world that are helping save endangered animals.We aim to increase awareness among children and adults about this topic and also let them know that with a little effort contributed by each one of us we can make a big difference.

We plan to collect donations by making cards with the pictures of the endangered animals, cards made up of nature products like dry flowers, leaves. We plan to give Indian incense sticks ( only for the localites !!) as a thanking gesture to all our friends who feel inspired in our mission

We have been inspired by the following organizations:



EDGE stands for Evolutionarily Distinct and Globally Endangered . It is a way of describing species that represent a significant amount of unique evolutionary history and are also under threat.

Kindly read more about EDGE community on the `Ranking ┬┤page.

2. WWF

World Wildlife Fund
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